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Dream Catcher
‘Every good things in this world start with a dream.’
This is a story about a 'Dream'. Everyone has their own dreams. This collection represents about them as an adventure. Play around with Daisy's various dreams. The inspiration is a dream what drives people to improve their life. Create something new and keep living. It makes people more human. Collection’s available on SeekHYPE : AURA network
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Collection on PARAS on NEAR Protocol that is ‘Daisy: IT’S OKAY’ and a PFP art. The story is about Daisy flowers have evolved more than any other living thing in this world, resulting in the creation of a more prosperous and developed civilization. Nowsday, There is a small village named ‘Daisies Village’ was Inhabited by the peaceful and dreamy Daisies where everyone can be anything. Fulfill every dreams you want. And even you can become a Daisies villager!
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Take a look on some adorable merchandises of DAISIES. I'm based on Bangkok, Thailand.
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Get to know me more! I’d love to share my art and Daisies to everyone! [Updated 02/24]
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Sincerely thanks to all supporters, 360 Gallery and Sobta Cafe and Co. for giving me a chance to be part of some 2022-2023’s events. And now, I’ve experienced a lot of things and gained more self-confidence.

…Work in progress…